President's Letter
July 2019
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Hello Boston Chapter Members,

We begin our 2019-2020 Program year July 1 and
have exciting plans, new Chapter Executive
Committee (CEC) members, some members
moving through a succession path toward
leadership, taking a keen look at our educational programming
for the year – and to top it all off – Boston Chapter member
Ernie Almonte will be serving as national president. Ernie will be
only the second member of our Chapter to serve as head of our

Last year, I was nominated as president-elect serving alongside
William Muench, who was our president. We had a
tremendously successful year, earning points toward another
Platinum-Level Chapter Recognition as well as two other
national awards. We earned the national community service
award and also have the distinction of earning the national
accountability award for our third consecutive year.

I joined the AGA in 1996, 23 years ago, but became much more
active in 2005 because I was asked to be more involved – and
that theme will resonate throughout this year. The foundation of
the chapter is its members. We have many talented people who
only need to be asked or simply tell any of the CEC members
what you may want to be more involved in. We welcome your

I have enjoyed my involvement, honed my skill set and enjoyed the friendships
along the way. I served as director of accountability for our chapter as well as
joined national staff promoting the Citizen-Centric Reporting model. AGA has
many opportunities for members to participate.

During the national Professional Development Training (PDT) in New Orleans in
July, we should learn more about how the new national governing structure will
affect local chapters. Along with Ernie Almonte, we have Daniel Bonnette, who
will be our first National Council of Chapters Representative. In addition, William
Bell will serve as chair of the national bylaw committee, David LeBlanc will again
serve on the National Governing Board as a Director at Large, Eric Berman and
I will serve on the national finance and budget committee.

Looking forward, a Survey Monkey link will be sent to members during July.
Member input will be important in how we develop the goals of chapter.
Following the PDT I will work with the CEC to finalize our program area plans
and updating our strategic plan. I will also share my priorities and will continue to
seek your input on how the chapter can best serve you – the member.

Thank you.
Very respectfully,
Craig C. Hall, MPA