President's Letter
October 2017
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Dear Fellow Chapter Members,

I hope the end of Indian summer and a
turn to fall is finding everyone well.  We
are busy in the Chapter with a quality
year of professional development
events, starting with our October 12th
Many Faces of Fraud Training Seminar.  We have a great
subscription so far, but there is always room for more.  
Please visit our website to register, either for in-person or
virtual participation.

On September 27th, some member of the Chapter’s and
AGA’s Executive Committees and Past Presidents
hosted managers of the Audit Bureau of Shenzhen from
China. The 15-member delegation was led by Meixiu
Zhang, Deputy Director General of the Audit Bureau of
Shenzhen.  We had a wonderful interactive dialogue
sharing thoughts universal to both countries.  The
delegation also met separately with fellow Chapter
member, State Auditor Suzanne Bump.

The delegation was sponsored by an exchange program
at UC Davis. The objective of the group’s program is to
learn about best practices and developments in
conducting effective audits that assure accountability and
sound decision-making in government and the public
sector, including risk assessment as part of audit
planning/audit development, project-specific audits such
as the evaluation of public-private partnerships, and also
innovations that can enhance effectiveness and efficiency
of audits.

I look forward to continuing our collaborative work.  Keep
focused on promoting good practice within your
respective organizations, and keep an eye out for new

Thanks again for you support of the Chapter.